Veritable Visual – Respite Tool

Veritable is in the process of developing some tools and resources to provide to those supporting communication with participants in remote communities. We find that sometimes it is difficult to explain (across language and cultural barriers with limited interpreting and other supports) that respite trips are for short periods only. Taking into account the generational […]

2021 Annual Quality Survey – Feedback on Results

For the past two years, Veritable has completed an annual quality survey. Our last survey was sent out on nearly the stroke of midnight 31 December 2021 (just scraped in!) This time, Veritable used the survey tool that we have started to implement for all our behaviour support clients – Qualtrics. The Qualtrics software has […]

Welcome to Veritable

Veritable is a social work service based in Alice Springs, focusing on behaviour support and specialist services for people with disability.