Available workshops

Veritable offers small group workshops and training for service providers. Our current group workshops include:

  • Introduction to Capable Environments and Practice Leadership (2 hours)
  • Capable Environments and Practice Leadership (1 Day)
  • Enabling Risk for People with Disabilities
  • Enabling Safe and Supported Decision-Making for People with Cognitive Impairments
  • Supporting Effective Complaints and Feedback in Disability Services
These sessions can be adapted to your organisation and are provided on request. Sessions are scheduled throughout the year and individuals can make an enquiry through the booking form. These enquiries will be placed on a waiting list for our next available session. 

Tailored workshops

Veritable is here to help you with your organisation’s training needs. If you have a need for specialist training for your team in the field of human services, remote service delivery, or complex care, we can help. Talk to us today.