Positive Behaviour Support

Veritable is registered to provide positive behaviour support services to NDIS participants. All our behaviour support practitioners are individually registered with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

Behaviour support helps a person with a disability to improve their quality of life. This is done through an individual assessment of needs, and making recommendations to improve the person’s environment, services, skills and safety. 

Behaviour support services are individual to each participant. Our service helps to reduce or cease the use of restrictive practices. In doing so, our practitioners ensure that the person’s safety, and the safety of others, is central to their work.

At Veritable, we know that all challenging behaviour serves a purpose (that is, it has a function in the person’s life). Our service helps understand the function of the person’s challenging behaviour, and identifies evidenced-based strategies to reduce or eliminate behaviours.

We have simple and effective ways to gather data, which is used both for our assessment and to track progress. Our behaviour data reports are powerful ways to show improvements over time.

We work together with the person and those in their support network to develop a practical and achievable behaviour support plan. 

We ensure that there is training for carers to implement the plan. Our goal is to create a supportive, learning environment that respect the person’s rights, improves the person’s environment and skills, and prioritises safety for everyone.

Veritable has a number of registered practitioners providing positive behaviour support services. 

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