Welcome to Veritable.

Veritable is a social work service based in Alice Springs.

Veritable focuses on providing specialist services to people with complex needs.

Our clinical staff are registered NDIS positive behaviour support practitioners and can provide specialist support coordination. All of our staff are experienced in working in Central Australia and bring a high standard of excellence to their work.

Veritable is available on a fee-for-service to provide social work assessments and reports (including for NDIS participants).

Our practitioners have a range of experience including forensic social work, mental health, child protection, complaints management and professional writing. Social work and consultancy services can be provided as discussed and agreed.

Disability Services

Veritable provides specialist services to people with disabilities in Central Australia. This includes positive behaviour support services, social work assessments and specialist support coordination.

Veritable’s work is person-centred, rights-based and strengths-based. All services are provided with a holistic view of the person, their needs, their capacities and the right to a good quality of life.

Veritable also supports parents, guardians, carers and service providers who are working with a person needing support.

Veritable’s services are usually accessed by people with a NDIS plan. Any person or organisation, however, is welcome to contact Veritable for more information or to discuss your needs.

Click on the links below for more information about each service, or to make a service enquiry (also known as a ‘referral’).


Veritable is owned and operated by Sophie Staughton and Bruce Owens. Sophie Staughton is a registered social worker and resident of Central Australia since 2006.

Sophie has many years experience working with individuals who face challenges in being heard and having their rights enabled. She has a detailed knowledge of contemporary disability and mental health best practice standards and planning that is client-centred and rights-based.

Sophie has prior experience as an appointed Community Visitor, an adult guardian, case manager, family support practitioner, child protection worker and remote community development planner. Sophie has lived and worked in remote Aboriginal communities, and has extensive experience working cross-culturally.

As a former Commonwealth and Territory public servant, Sophie understands government service provision, including interpretation of legislation and regulations. Sophie brings fine attention to detail and quality standards, while also being able to communicate the broader principles and values that underpin her work.

Bruce Owens is a counsellor and therapy assistant, working part-time for Veritable. Bruce Owens and Sophie Staughton are partners in business and in life, committed to high quality, human-rights informed and person-centred services in Central Australia.

Referral / Service Enquiry

If you are interested in receiving services from Veritable, or would like to make contact on behalf of a participant or client, please complete the form below. We will make contact with you within 10 working days. For your records, we will also send you a copy of the referral submitted below.

Information for referrers:

  • Referrals are reviewed fortnightly, and clients are placed on a waitlist
  • The waitlist ensures that Veritable can provide high quality services to clients, with caseload numbers carefully set to maintain the best service
  • Additional information may be requested by Veritable upon receipt of the referral (and if so, the client is not placed on the waitlist until the information is received from the referrer)
  • Referrals are prioritised based on date received, client needs, and risks to the client and others
  • Relevant factors taken into account include the client’s age, support situation, any contact with the justice system (or risk of contact), and frequency and severity of issues arising
  • Ensuring sufficient detail in referrals enables an informed assessment of the referral and priority on the waitlist – more information will assist the client’s needs to be properly considered

If you would prefer to email the referral and supporting documents, please use the Veritable Referral Form v4

(Include house phone if client is in supported accommodation)
Include name of plan management company and contact for invoicing
Please provide sufficient detail to assess the referral. This includes detail about the current issues and concerns, relevant background, brief description of any behaviours of concern, frequency and severity of any behaviours of concern.
Please provide the participant's current NDIS Goals to ensure support services align with goals
Veritable will make contact to discuss this referral and how best to help the participant to have a safe and supported experience, prior to making contact with a new participant to the service.
If yes, a copy of any current or previously completed behaviour support plan will be requested prior to contact with the participant
If yes, please describe
If yes, please describe
If yes, provide relevant details