For the past two years, Veritable has completed an annual quality survey. Our last survey was sent out on nearly the stroke of midnight 31 December 2021 (just scraped in!)

This time, Veritable used the survey tool that we have started to implement for all our behaviour support clients – Qualtrics. The Qualtrics software has been invaluable to improving the quality of our behaviour data collection. We are passionate about evidence-based behaviour support (but we will wax lyrical about behaviour data another time…).

This post is all about the outcomes of our quality survey. We had 19 respondents to the survey (about 1/3 of the people who were sent the link). Thanks to all of you for participating – your feedback really is invaluable and is part of our quality systems.

We had a very high overall quality rating across all questions: 4.08 out of 5. The satisfaction with our services was consistent across the board, from communication to providing person-centred solutions to evidence based decisions. We created a word cloud out of the fabulous feedback we received:

We are always seeking more information about where we can improve. Just as in 2020, those accessing our services really want to see more of us: ‘capacity and/or referrals’ was again one of the major areas that Veritable could improve. While we are expanding, we will continue to focus on measured growth so that we do not compromise our quality services.

Two other areas that also came in slightly ahead of the others were ‘collaboration’ and ‘efficiency of services’. We are keen to work together with all stakeholders – the work is complex and at times ethically difficult. To be honest, sometimes we have to hold a tough line to defend human rights and ensure social justice.

All of us come to the work with a good heart. We need to continue to be open to deeper listening. Saying this, however, we will always place our client at the centre of what we do. When people are marginalised or their voice is not loud enough, it is our job to help lift their voice up and into the light.

Efficiency… yes another struggle of working in the NDIS framework with limited plan hours! One of the many challenges we face is that sometimes we want to do more than we can with the time that we have available.

As service providers, we have to shape our support within the framework of what we have been funded to do. We will continue to strive this year to make sure that we offer our service in a measured way. This includes carefully planning our support within resources so we can be available across the whole plan period.

Below are the final survey results, but here are some snippets of the feedback:

attention to detail in reports, always seeking to find innovative ways to provide an extra layer of service” “professional approach to all service delivery” “we have seen how all your strategies work” “consistently professional and expertise is freely shared

Thank you to all that responded but most of all, thank you to our clients for the privilege of supporting you.

Veritable Service Quality Report – Dec 2021