Quality over growth… yet the team expands

It has been a long time between updates. A lot has happened in the past year in Veritable. Veritable has been slowing building up its practitioner team, valuing quality services over growth. This is a very important guiding principle for us. In the end, we want to be seen as a company that promotes the […]

Chris and Klara join the team

It is with great pleasure that we announce two new members who’ve joined the Veritable team. Chris is an accredited social worker with loads of experience and a commitment to ethics and high quality service. Chris will be providing specialist support coordination and social work interventions. Klara is a psychology student with creative flair, who’s […]

Quality and growth

There is a constant tension in the challenge of owning a NDIS-based business between growing (such that you can offer your services to a larger number of people) and losing touch with what you do and why. Part of the reason we chose to establish Veritable, stepping out into the unknown, was to set the […]

More than just a business

Social responsibility is part of corporate responsibility, values and ethics. It’s impossible to be in business in disability or human services and operate on standard ‘for profit’ lines. The inequities and injustices that the people we serve, who enable our business to exist and succeed, are part of our responsibility to address as business owners. […]

The business of quoting

Quoting in the world of NDIS, it’s a tricky business but one that needs attention. There is a subtle interplay between what you can deliver and what the person has available in their plan. There is, after all, no point quoting for 40 hours of (what you might regard as necessary work) if the person […]

Investing in good systems

From the outset, Veritable has been keen to establish business systems that will help us focus on the work we are doing directly with clients. If we are struggling with billings, accounting and records management, it will take away from our client focus. The most challenging of all decisions has been deciding on the best […]

The game of NDIS registration

The good news is that Veritable is now a ‘Registered NDIS Provider’ (fanfare). We can now officially hang out our shingle for providing NDIS services. This is a great achievement, but is really just the start of the road. For those of you reading this with an interest in establishing an NDIS business, this post […]

Getting started

The most difficult step to take is always the first. Establishing a new business might be relatively straightforward to some. But striking out on your own is inherently a daunting prospect. It requires role models. Encouragement. Or at the very least, a leap of faith. In the case of Veritable, a constellation of different factors […]