From the outset, Veritable has been keen to establish business systems that will help us focus on the work we are doing directly with clients. If we are struggling with billings, accounting and records management, it will take away from our client focus.

The most challenging of all decisions has been deciding on the best client management system. Unfortunately, many systems have costly up front ‘onboarding’ fees and hefty user licence fees that continue indefinitely.

For a small start-up company, such an approach would have swallowed up our establishment budget. Personally, we would much rather spend on professional development and resources, not expensive systems. In fact, over 40% of our establishment costs to date have been invested in development.

Nevertheless, we still spent countless nights researching and trialling a robust client management system. One that could keep track of client contact, scheduling, documentation and records. While also performing well on business needs, like bulk upload billing and data protection.

At last, just in the nick of time, we seem to have come to a solution that ticks all the boxes for our business! It can grow with us, but not cost too much upfront. It’s taken a long time to decide, but is now being rolled out and modified for our needs.

In truth, we might have slightly over-engineered our solution for a small company. Despite this, it’s good to have a solid case management system supporting us.¬†In the end, we want clients to know that we are organised and we care about providing a good service. Most importantly, we want to keep confidential information safe and be accountable for everything we do.

If you are a start up provider and want to find out who we went with, send us a message and we will be happy to let you know who made it to the shortlist and who got the blue ribbon. You could also contact us through Facebook Messenger.