Behaviour Support – Strategy and Practice

One of our Veritable practitioners recently presented at a WA community of practice on the topic of ‘strategy’ in functional assessments. This was linked to ┬áthe many different considerations that practitioners have to take into account when striving for high quality behaviour support outcomes. The above ‘PBS Pathway on a Page’ visual was part of […]

Veritable Visual – Respite Tool

Veritable is in the process of developing some tools and resources to provide to those supporting communication with participants in remote communities. We find that sometimes it is difficult to explain (across language and cultural barriers with limited interpreting and other supports) that respite trips are for short periods only. Taking into account the generational […]

Remote social work practice

Veritable is seeking to define the best of remote social work practice. There are many challenging aspects to practice in remote Australia, from effective cross-cultural work, to ‘dual relationships’ (when you see your client at the local shops and your children play on the same team), to the tyranny of distance, to underfunded or non-existent […]