Positive Behaviour Support

Veritable is registered to provide positive behaviour support services to NDIS participants.

Behaviour support helps a person with a disability to make safe choices, receive appropriate support and guidance in their everyday needs from carers, enjoy freedoms in their life, and reduce or eliminate the use of restrictive practices.

All behaviour serves a purpose (that is, it has a function in the person’s life). Behaviour support assists in understanding the function of behaviours of concern, and identifying evidenced-based strategies to reduce or eliminate the behaviours.

Positive behaviour support services include the development of positive behaviour support plans, and training for carers and others supporting the participant. It is about creating a supportive, learning environment that respect the person’s rights, improves the person’s environment and skills, and is safe for everyone.

Veritable has a number of qualified social workers providing positive behaviour support services. Contact us to find out more.